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What Are Some Of The Most Gorgeous Bird Species In The World?

There are some beautiful birds out there in the world. Some of the top travel destinations feature more of them than others. Think about Costa Rica for example. The birds there are gorgeous, like the tucans, parrots and parakeets. Even if you know quite a lot about the most gorgeous birds, you may be surprised to find out what some of them are when you have the entire world as your venue. Let’s look at some of the most beautiful and gorgeous birds out there in the world.

Learn More About Most Beautiful Birds in The World

One of the types of birds is a Hyacinth Macaw. Have you heard of this bird? It is actually a parrot, and it is the largest one of its kind. Can you imagine seeing a parrot that is 100 cm long? What’s sad about this bird is that there aren’t too many of them left in the entire world, only 5000 of them. It is so sad that one of the most gorgeous birds is endangered. You will see that their eyes are encircled in yellow, and their plumage is a stunning cobalt blue.

The blue jay is considered to be one of the most beautiful birds, too. I bet you didn’t expect that since it is such a common name to hear in the US. How often have you seen these birds? The blue jay is certainly a beautiful bird, and while we are on the subject of birds in the US, the Cardinal is another beautiful bird, one that I like very much.

Explore Different Types of Birds

What other birds do you think should make this short list. It can certainly be a matter of opinion with so many species of birds out there to choose from, but one thing for sure is all of the birds on this list are some of the most beautiful. Remember, too, that there are different types of birds that are out there. For example, the wood duck also makes the list. Contact us to know more.

The Atlantic Puffin is a cute one for sure. It is a really unique looking bird. Then there is the Keel-Billed Tucan, which is another very pretty and unique bird. Many of the birds that make the list would be exotic types that are found in other countries outside the US. However, I snuck in the Blue Jay and the Cardinal, and my list isn’t the only one you will find them on. Have fun birdwatching, wherever you may be. To learn more Visit now

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