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How To Change Address When Going To College

Going off to college is something that come with many changes. It may be a new experience being away from home. And when you move and change your address, there are some things that you need to do to make your life easier. While it may not seem like you are simply moving to a new place, you do need to change your address when you are going to college. Continue reading this helpful article to learn how to go about changing your address with the United States Postal Service so you are able to receive the mail that is coming your way.

How to Change Your Address with USPS

First of all, you will need your current address and your new address. With this information, you can either visit a nearby United States Postal Service physical location or you can visit their official website. You can change your address when you go to college at either place. If you visit the World Wide Web, you can find the official change of address form there. You will need to complete the form and share all of the requested information.

Then, you can submit it and rest assured that your mail will arrive at the new college address during your time there. If you choose to visit the local post office, you can talk with the post officer worker there and request a change of address form there. Should you have any questions, this is the best route to take.

Notify People for Your New Address

Once you have completed and submitted your change of address form, you will begin receiving mail at your new address starting the date that you chose on your form. It is important to remember, though, that the address change is only temporary and it is up to you to contact those who send you mail and notify them of your new location. If it is just temporary, you can also share that information so you are sure to get the mail you need at the address where you are.

As you can see, when you go off to college, there are many things that you need to do including change your address with USPS. It is quite simple to do, along with being necessary, and you can do it online or in person at your local post office. Use what you learned here to help you with this easy task.

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