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Name  Office
Todd Bentley
Mike Claussen  Web,Youth, Conservation Director
Dan Devera  Vice President
Joe Devera 
Dave Farkas 
John Gorby Treasurer
Danny Hemperley  Secretary 
Mike Jaworske  President 
Dale Leboda  Tournament Director 
Burke Luzier 
Dan Szekeres
Rick Van Every
Tim Wyckoff
Mike Zickler 
Club Champions
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Year Angler of the Year Runner-up Regional Tournament Winners State Qualifying Tournament Winners Divisional
1995 Larry McClintock Ron Holzman Joe Balog
1996 Burke Luzier Larry McClintock Jim Toth Joe Balog
1997 Ron Holzman Danny Hemperley Dan Devera
1998 Steve Toth Ron Holzman Dan Devera Dan Devera & Danny Hemperley
1999 Burke Luzier Jim Toth Mike Jaworske Danny Hemperley & Ron Holzman
2000 Steve Toth Mike Jaworske Danny Hemperley  
2001 Jim Toth Danny Hemperley
2002 Mike Jaworske Dan Devera
2003 Dale Leboda Matt Jaworske
2004 Dale Leboda Jim Feathers
2005 Dale Leboda Dan Devera
2006  Danny Hemperley Dale Leboda
2007 Danny Hemperley Dale Leboda Mike Jaworske
2008 Mike Claussen Mike Jaworske
2009 Mike Jaworske Mike Claussen
2010 Mike Jaworske Jim Feathers Mike Jaworske
2011 Danny Hemperley Burke Luzier      
2012 Mike Jaworske Mike Claussen      
2013 Mike Claussen Dan Devera      
2014 Mike Claussen Danny Hemperley