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Can the Hospital Provide a Social Security Number For a New Baby?

Each person living legally in the United States is assigned a social security number. The number is something they’ll use over their lifetime for all kinds of things, including applying for credit cards, agreeing to background checks, and even obtaining a bank account. If you’re getting ready to give birth to your first child, you may be wondering if the hospital is going to assign your little one a social security number or not. You shouldn’t expect to leave the hospital with the social security number of your newborn in your hands.

How Do You Get a Social Security Number For a Baby?

When your child is first born, the hospital provides you with important paperwork you’ll need to fill out, including information about the baby, such as the name you’ve given him or her as well as the date of birth and the name of the parents. When filling out this paperwork, it’s sent over to the Social Security Administration and they’ll work on getting a birth certificate and social security card printed out for your child.

The hospital doesn’t choose the social security number for any of the babies that are born in the hospital. Staff members will guide you through filling out the paperwork if you need some assistance with that process. However, they’re unable to provide a social security number because it’s out of their hands and is a task assigned to those working for the Social Security Administration.

How Long Is the Wait For a Social Security Card?

The wait for your newborn baby’s social security card may vary. It may take several weeks before you receive the card in the mail. The exact amount of time depends primarily on how busy the Social Security Administration is at that time. If there were a lot of births taking place around the time you gave birth, you may have to wait a bit longer, but you shouldn’t have to wait longer than around two months to get the social security card for your baby.

Once you have obtained the social security card, make sure to put it in a safe place. You’ll need to have it when you’re obtaining medical insurance for your baby and whenever you bring your little one to the hospital or doctor’s office. It’s something you’re going to need in the future when enrolling your child in school, too. Because it’s so important and you want to make sure you’re not losing it, store it away with your own social security card for safe keeping.

If you’ve never given birth before and aren’t sure what to expect when it comes to the social security number of your new child, you shouldn’t expect to get that social security card while at the hospital. Staff members who work at the hospital can help you to apply for social security card online and fill out the necessary paperwork before sending it out to ensure you’ll receive a birth certificate for your newborn and a social security card in the mail within a matter of weeks.

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