For the 68 Jr. Anglers who showed up to compete in the 2011 Ohio Bass Federation State Championship the morning started out with overcast skies and a forecast of rain. We had a few problems at registration mostly due to my paperwork skills and a few missing anglers miromar lakes fishing by Fish.Travel. It all worked out in the end and all 68 Jr. Anglers were soon on the water and ready to fish.

  These young anglers compete all year in their local clubs to earn the right to advance to the state and compete for the title of state champion. The two divisions are 11-14 and 15-18. The winner of each age group will move onto the National Guard Jr. World Championship to be held in Gainesville Georgia in 2012. There they will test their skills against anglers from across the country to earn the honor of being crowned a National Champion. To make all this happen it takes the dedication of a lot of adults who are willing to give of their time and experience to help them reach their goals.  First in line are the parents who care enough to transport their kids to all the events,  next  are the Jr. club advisors who help organize all their local events, but the most important of all are the adult anglers who serve as boat captains and mentors for these young anglers. They give their time, energy and boats to help these young people become better anglers. Boat captains spend from 4 to 5 hours a day in their boats, not fishing but helping  the kids.  If you are an avid angler you know how difficult it is to be on the water and not be allowed to fish, but sit and watch someone else  try their luck against the wily black Bass.

   As weigh in time approaches all the parents and siblings who traveled to watch their favorite angler compete, begin to line up around the ramps to await the return of the 33 boats carrying their sons and daughters. As the boats are loaded you hear them calling, how many do you have, did you have a good day. The Ohio Bass Federation State crew and State team members have everything ready and the weigh in begins with everyone cheering on their favorite angler. Each angler moves through the line with their hopes high. The Fish are weighed and pictures taken. After an hour of suspense the totals are in and everyone awaits the results.

 This year�s winners are, in the 11-14 age groups, 

Charlie Hoffman of the Cinn. Jr. Bass Club wins third place with a weight of 1.84lb

Alex Conner from the SS Minnows from Columbus comes in second with 3.36lb

This year�s 11-14 State Champion is

Seth Gagen with a weight of 3.37lb. This is Seths first Championship but he looks to have more in the future.

Big Bass honors for the younger age group goes to Alex Conner with a 3.36lb bass



In The 15 -18 age group Garrett Doerr from the Cinn.Youth Bass Club with a weight of 3.04lb took third

Jacob Spork of the SS Minnows in Columbus took Second with 3.26 lb

This  years 15-18 year old State Champion is Daryk Eckert with a weight of 5.38lb.  Daryk also took big bass honors with a 3.26lb bass. This is Daryks third OJBF State Championship and he has also won two Bass Federation Championships . He won the Nation Guard Jr. World Championship in 2009, and finished third in his division at these years National Championship in Arkansas.

The top three in each age group take home trophies, a rod and reel, and a tackle box. Every angler who participate leave with something, thanks to the generous donations from the following companies and individual�s  we were able to make sure each young angle left happy and not with empty hands.

Knox Marine of Fredericktown Ohio

Warrior Baits of Hilliard Ohio




Article br Mick Sturgil

Pictures by Kim Vogel

OBCF Youth Championship
Aqugust 21, 2011 
O�Shaughnessy Res
15-18 Year old Age Group
  Name Club #Fish Lbs
1  Daryk Eckert 3 5.38
2 Jacob Spork SS Minnows 2 3.60
3 Garrett Doerr Cincinnati Youth 3 3.04
4 Hunter Colwell SS Minnows 2 2.52
5 Remington Trockmorter River Valley 2 2.37
6 Drake King Renagades 1 2.04
7 Alex Vick Cincinnati Youth 1 1.83
8 Logan Williams SS Minnows 1 1.74
9 Michael Anderson Hartly Hawgs 1 1.62
10 Jacob Waldruff Walnut Springs 2 1.55
11 Jarrell Martin Cincinnati Youth 1 1.44
12 Jack Tamborski Cincinnati Youth 1 1.35
13 Anthany Pickens SS Minnows 1 1.32
14 Winston Wade 1 1.25
15 Gabe Dubios Cincinnati Youth 1 1.15
16 Jeremy McLaughin River Valley 1 0.94
17 Max Kaufmann Cincinnati Youth 1 0.93
18 Matt Raymond Hartly Hawgs 1 0.81
11-14 Year Age Group
1 Seth Gaghen NW 2 3.37
2 Alex Conner SS Minnows 1 3.36
3 Charlie Hoffman Cincinnati Youth 1 1.84
4 Parker Jacobs River Valley 1 1.68
5 Jeremy Reese SS Minnows 1 1.52
6 Trew Chaffin SS Minnows 1 1.25
7 A S Bright T C 1 0.90