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The Ohio Bass Championship
 Mosquito Lake

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2015 State Team, Carlyle Lake, IL
Go kick Bass, guys!

President Coulter's Spring Address

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2015 Ranger Cup Payout for the Ohio Federation would be;


April 25-26   Region 2 Qualifier  Sandusky Bay , Highest Finisher Ranger Cup  $175.00. 


April 25-26   Region 4 Qualifier  Mosquito Lake and Tappan Lake, Highest Finisher Ranger Cup $175.00


May 2-3   Region 5 Qualifier  Indian Lake , Highest Finisher Ranger Cup  $175.00


May 16-17  Region 1 Qualifier  Alum Creek Lake,  Highest Finisher Ranger Cup  $175.00


May 16-17   Region 6 Qualifier Ohio River  Bellville Pool, Highest Finisher Ranger Cup  $175.00


June 27-28   Region 3 Qualifier  Lake Erie at Cleveland, Highest Finisher Ranger Cup  $175.00


June 20   Tournament of Champions  Alum Creek Lake  Highest Finisher Boater Ranger Cup  $175.00 and Highest Finisher Non-Boater  $100.00


September 26-27  OBF Championship  Berlin Lake  First Highest Finisher Ranger Cup $300.00, 2nd Highest Finisher Ranger Cup $225.00 and 3rd Highst Finisher Ranger Cup $150.00.


 Contact for more Info: Stephen Coulter   (740) 616-7236 or email

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